StartUpJoinIn StartUpJoinIn, a hyper-local, work creation, social enterprise whose goal is to use smart technology to make local connections between those with complementary skills or interests.
MergeWorlds MergeWorlds is a location-based services platform, delivering rapid design and deployment to app developers, supporting gamification, social layer, payments, content delivery and user-generated content.
Sell My Things Logo SellMyThin.gs, a location-based, peer-to-peer, sales tool offering low friction sale of unwanted goods.
Take My Photo logo TakeMyPho.to is an Events Photography service with a disruptive business model, and that introduces local photographers with local events.

"SIP-SIP", a mobile 'social impact platform' to improve personal and group behaviour with gamification.

Haypny "Haypny", a micropayment system for non-physical goods, with the lowest possible friction.
LifePart2 "Life Part 2", an insurance-backed planning service for the elderly that lets people plan effectively for their older years.


"FoodPlus", a domestic food preparation technology that will enable commodity white goods to prepare high quality meals meals which are beyond the scope of current supermarket 'ready meals.'


MakeOneForMe "Make One for Me", an automatic image curating technology to help solve the 'too many photos' problem encountered by users of digital cameras and camera phones.